Ever heard the saying “Content is king?”, well that’s true, in this section of our online store starter guide we will be going over the following topics to help you better improve and grow the online store you have built.

To prepare you for this article we have put a list below of the tools we will be using for this section, feel free to check them out before going forward, and subscribing to them if you are able to.

Branding & Graphic Design:

Search Engine Optimization:


  • Lighting Ring: ( helps with quality of photography )
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  • Tripod:
    Joby Gorilla Tripod at $41.99 – View On Amazon
    – Selfie Stick Tripod, 51″ at $23.99 – View On Amazon
  • Camera ( optional, you can use your iPhone )
    – Nikon D5200 Bundle at $650 – $719 – View On Amazon
    Nikon D610 at $1,196.97 – View On Amazon
  • Portable Studio:
     – Foldio2 – Portable Mini Studio at $115 – View On Amazon