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It is without a doubt that undercover billionaire season 2 had a lot of ups and downs for all 3 superstars. If you stop and think about it, these 3 superstars started off with only $100 and an old car and created a business from thin air by following their day-to-day business principles… that’s pretty amazing.

With that said let’s jump onto the 5 life and business lessons that we can take home from this phenomenal show.

1. Value Before Price

Early in the show CEO of 10X Grant Cardone, demonstrated to us in the mattress store with Matt Smith that it is important to offer value for little or no compensation to get your foot in the door.

Grant started the relationship by showing his value to Matt Smith, after winning him over and showing him his ability to bring customers in the door, Matt was impressed and ended up giving Grant a whopping 10 thousand dollars, Also he, later on, ended up being the vehicle to Grant’s 1 million dollar valuation.

2. Start With People

Monique Idlett-Mosley showed us early in the show while starting her venture “Rooted” that you must first start with people. Before building out her brand, or her website, or even coming up with a name.

Monique made her juice at home and had various groups of people taste it, after getting positive feedback from various groups,  Monique then went ahead and came up with her name and started building her million-dollar business.

3. Make A Friend, Make A Fortune

As Jeffrey Gitomer mentioned in his book ” The little red book of selling”.

“If you make a sale, you can earn a commission. If you make a friend, you can earn a fortune!”

This principle was applied in the show by all 3 billionaires, they all started their journey to a million-dollar business by building valuable relationships.

4. Ego Is The Enemy

Another great takeaway is that our ego is our enemy, in order to attain and maintain great wealth and success we must remove our ego’s from the equation.

All 3 Billionaires showed control over their ego in multiple episodes, below is a few examples:

1. Monique

As mentioned above, Monique did not start her business by assuming she knew it all,  she made sure to put her consumers first and make sure they love the product before bringing it to market.

2. Grant

Grant took the time to write a huge 55-page document in order to help his team with their jobs. Grant also put his ego aside and apologized to the whole team for his lack of communication.

3. Elaine

Instead of breaking a bridge, Elaine patiently moved Chris to multiple roles when he was not performing well and causing problems and delaying her time.

As seen in the examples above it is important to put people first in different scenarios.

5. Consistency and Persistency

Last but not least, we learned and seen multiple times in the shows how persistent and consistent the 3 billionaires were.

Life is full of ups and downs and we only lose if we stop being consistent and persistent.


Undercover Billionaire Frequently Asked Questions:

We took the time to put together answers to the most asked questions regarding this show.

Where Can I Watch Undercover Billionaire Episodes?

You can watch both Season 2 and Season 1 of discovery channel undercover billionaire in the following places:

Is undercover billionaire on Hulu or Netflix?

You can watch undercover billionaire season 1 only on Hulu, season 2 is not available on Hulu.  Netflix doesn’t show undercover billionaire.

Can I watch Undercover Billionaire on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes,  click here to view Undercover Billionaire on Amazon.

How Many Episodes Are On Undercover Billionaire Season 2?

There are 12 episodes on Undercover Billionaire Season 2.

How Real Is Undercover Billionaire?

Undercover Billionaire is pretty real, the purpose of the show is to demonstrate that if you had to, you could start from the bottom and achieve million-dollar status within a short period of time.

How To Watch Undercover Billionaire Season 2 and 1 For Free?

You can start a free trial on Discovery Plus and take a weekend and watch all the episodes.

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