Data Deck - All Your Business KPI's In One Place

What is Data Deck ?

Datadeck is an easy to use platform that helps you to create “data-driven” teams so you can improve business performance. It started in 2016 as an idea and mission to change the way that people use data. The goal was to create a product that everyone would be able to use to gain value from their data. What initially started off as a small project has evolved into a 100+ person company with offices in 5 different countries with some of the top businesses using Datadeck.

All Your Data Connected. In One Place. Connect with Slack, Facebook, Google Analytics and 100+ more data sources. Get actionable insights quickly and when you need them.

Key Features Offered By Data Deck

  • Smart Automation
  • Quick Start
  • Free Version
  • Data Dashboard
  • Data Templates
  • Mobile Notification
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